Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Remember I told you about the KTXT reunion we are working on organizing for next year? Well Mandi set up this great group to help coordinate everyone and egroups has a tool which will let you register for the group right here.

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We have lots of people to find, so if you know of anyone who worked at KTXT-FM during the last 40 years please refer them to the group. It's the best way we've found to organize so many people at once.

Did you see the guy who wrote The Millionaire Next Door has a new book out. It's called The Millionaire Mind. I think it is so odd that our view of millionaires is that they are glamorous and sexy, when in reality it is the people like me - no I'm not a millionaire yet - who can't fathom having a car payment again so are still driving the Honda Accord we got in college. Granted I'm not investing that $400 or $500 a month I would otherwise be spending on a car, but I should. It's the people with the discipline to do so that end up retiring at 40. Wouldn't that be nice.

I don't see retirement as an end. I see it as a time to explore - without worrying about being fired. And to have the freedom to do that we need money! My dad made me start investing when I graduated from high school. That was probably the single best move he ever made. I, of course, didn't have any money then, so the whole idea seemed pointless. But you'd be amazed at how much $50 a month adds up over time. And when I was in college I would blow $50 a night going out so I was willing to make that sacrifice to appease him. Now that I make more then I did as a lifeguard in college, Gary and I are trying out the online brokerages. It's a lot of fun, but a little scary too. I look at it like gambling. Don't invest more than you can afford to loose!

The only big losers I have seen so far are the people who expect to make their entire retirement in a few weeks. That's like asking for the miracle diet pill that makes you stay skinny while wolfing down big macs and pizza for breakfast. It just doesn't happen.

Tuesday, March 28, 2000

We had a sort of POM retreat this weekend. No cell phones, no e-mail, no Internet, no television. Just a beautiful Texas sky, lots of interesting people and a lake filled with untamed wildlife. It is wonderful to get away from technology. I think we forget how much technology has weaved its way into our lives. Yes, there are positives to technology - the instant sharing of information, ect. But how much information do we need?

We are bombarded with thousands of advertising messages everyday, not to mention the pieces of news threaded through the various media outlets we have incorporated into our lives. Me for example - just so no one feels ridiculed -
I watch the local news then the Today Show when I get up in the morning between eating breakfast, taking a shower, catching up with a friend or my mom on the phone.
At work I listen to NPR all day.
Not to metion that I am on the Web all day. On my favorite search engine, YAHOO!,there is always a banner ad and I have it personalized to show the newsheadlines of the day, stock quotes, my horoscope, movie listings, ect.
My point - by ten in the morning I have already been exposed to more information than I want to know. The logical response would be - then why don't you shut off the phone, the computer, the radio and the television?
I like many of you have become an information junkie! I eat dinner while watching TV, talking on the phone and carrying on a conversation with my boyfriend. The more I think about it, it's sick. But I don't want to miss anything. You know, the same reason I wouldn't go to bed when I was little.

What I realized at the lake this weekend is that I'm not alone. That scares me because I'm not sure I like the way I see technology changing the way we relate to each other as people. See if you are seeing the same things I'm seeing:
The inability to pay attention to one person for longer than five minutes
A feeling of panic when you cell phone rings if it isn't instantly available
Spending more time answering your e-mail than cuddling with your boyfriend (sig other)
Needing an instant answer, rather than valuing a judgement carefully thought through
People having entire romantic relationships without ever having met each other
There are many more, but if you are seeing the same changes I am this should be enough to get the point across.
Is there an answer?
I don't know, but I'm open to suggestions!

Thursday, March 23, 2000

A big chunk of my family is catholic and we are in the period of Lent. Since I don't practice any specific religion I didn't participate this year. Yesterday I was watching reruns of Northern Exposure on A&E, it was the one where Joel, the New York doctor, ran off into the Alaskan wild and decided to stay in a town more remote than Cicely where he was practicing. He finally realized that just because there wasn't a Starbucks on every cornor in Cicely, it didn't mean it wasn't a wonderful place. And probably more importantly - he didn't need things like gourmet coffee to make him a wonderful person. The combination of Lent and the TV rerun got me thinking. Maybe it is time to enbrace Spring by throwing away some of our trappings and dig for deeper self meaning.

I'm still thinking about what my purpose here on Earth is. To tell you the truth I haven't gotten very far. Other than ants on H.P. Goddesses science experiment, people aren't anymore part of the eco-system than banana trees. So, I find it rather funny that which shoes I wear makes a serious difference in someone's life. But I know from time to time we all get caught up in the social stigma thing.

Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Tina and I met in college through the college alternative radio station. Actually I love music. I just see it quite differently than her. I am and was the news chick. Music is great and can definately make a moment, but for Tina and most of the people at the station. I worked for, it was much more. They live this stuff. Know every band by name. Can tell you the names of the songs, albums, their first born, ect. I even fell victim to the music trance and dated a band member, no I wasn't a groupie, for a few years in there. More extreme - a chick on staff with me married a band member she met at South by Southwest. For those of you who are interested, this years event ended this past weekend.

This period of my life was one of my most enjoyable. If you get the chance while in college - take it!

No I didn't get along with everyone, but I did meet some of my very best friends there and the people I didn't get along with are at the very least very interesting. So, to the point. We are organizing our 40 year reunion. No, I'm not that old - the station is! And we are going back next month - ROADTRIP - to solicit the idea.

We have to find thousands of people who have worked there in the next six months. It's really remarkable. The people who you thought would go on to a career in music ended up being janitors and others who were shy and quiet have their own record studios and their own bands - this is an example of one such lad from the year I was news director. Anyway it's a little scary. I mean I think it will be a lot of fun - but it's a little scary too or maybe just overwhelming. Any reunion pointers?

If you happen to have worked at KTXT and vaguely remember the experience write me at
If you find the link with pictures - yes, I am in there. Quit laughing! Please ignore the big Texas hair and remember it was a late 80's - early 90's thing.

I got a comment from a distrought writer this morning which I felt needed addressing. This gentleman, I'm assuming it was a man because they left no name or address, was a little hostle that the writers on Piece of Mind.Net voluntarly contribute their work. I have worked as a writer in one capacity or another for the last 13 years. During those years and still today, I am paid to write material for other people. This means that other people have control over the final product. Sometimes I like it and other times I really don't. But they paid for it, so they say what the final product should look like.

Tina and I started this site so that people would have the opportunity to share the writing and art that they like. Here we can all take the pieces of work that we feel are important or hold sentamental value and share them with more than six billion people. (Hence the title - Piece of Mind) Understand that the core of this site is personal growth, not financial growth. It was Jeremy, our graphics God and the only male involved in the site's development, Tina who is a techno diva and I - we built this site with sweat equity.There is no financial backing.

Why? So that the three of us and you could have a medium to share what is important to the indiviudal not the corporation.

Monday, March 20, 2000

I am either having a very early mid-life crisis or I am having a child hood flashback. I like to think of it as the latter. When I was little I wanted to be one of three things: a brain surgeon, an airline attendant or the first woman on the supreme court. The itch to be a sumpreme court justice faded when Sandra Day O'Connor was appointed, but the whole law issue reappeared as I was finishing up my undergraduate degree. My family talked me out of law school then, but the itch is back. Maybe the third time is a charm.

I'm taking the Kaplan prep class to get ready for the LSAT. We had our second class yesterday. I like the class. It's made me realize that I continually make things harder than they actually are. This is a good thing - it's overcomeable. I'm not sure that's a word, but I think you know what I mean. The issue that is hard to overcome is that I'm about ten years older than everyone in the class. They are all sophomores in college which makes them, what? About 19?

I continually tell Gary who is in undergraduate school that age doesn't matter. It's all about growing as a person. But when it's you facing a room full of overly peppy teens, it's a little difficult to swallow. I do truely believe that it is much better to continue to grow as a person than to sit around and get bitter that people are passing you by. I've seen it happen to many wonderful people. But since I can remember the neatest people I know are the ones who are excited about learning. Whether it's formal education or just reading about new theories - they are open to growing as a person.

I'm most frustrated by closed minded people. People who think they know it all and have nothing to learn from the more than six billion people on this Earth. It's just silly.

Saturday, March 18, 2000

Relationships are a huge issue and I've avoided talking about this on the site until now because it is a bit overwhelming. But as you may have noticed from the layout of the site both Tina and I see them as being very important to anyone wishing to achieve true balance in their life. When I finally get all my thoughts organized I'll write a clear article of the issues at hand. All my thought are been drawn to this area because of one person. I've been dating Gary for just about four years now and marriage has come up a number of times. But I don't know that I believe in marriage. Don't misunderstand me. I believe that two people should be in a committed relationship and be together forever. It is just that marriage has taken on so many social meanings that I don't agree with. Americans, which I am, have adopted this view that you will find the perfect person and live together happily ever after. I don't know that anything in life is that simple. Nor am I sure that I would want it to be that simple.

Case in point- Who wants to marry a multi-millionaire?? the whole Darva Conger/Rick Rockwall thing is disgusting. The disgusting aspect is that money is more important that comittment and happiness. That you would marry a total stranger. Well let me back up. I've been researching arranged marriages and actually I don't think that is such a bad idea. And in a sense they are getting married to strangers. The difference is that the families do the research on the issues that in the long run keep the marriage together: religious beliefs, work ethics, family values, financial security, education, ect. The love develops over time. In America so many people think the lust will translate in to love eventually and that rarely happens that why we have such a high divorce rate.

Now having access to a greater pool of partners I think is a good thing. You may have seen Rosanne's old fling has a new site. He is look for love on the Internet. No promises of fame or fortune, just a way to meet women that he wouldn't normally have a chance to meet. I think that is a good thing. Yes, it is a bit of an interview process but isn't that what the entire dating game is all about?

Thursday, March 16, 2000

I'm feeling a little political tonight. I guess it is because I've been working on all the wonderful submission you've been sending in. Reading them gets all my creative juices flowing.

So here is the thought of the evening - Texas (where I live) just held it's primary. Why? What is the purpose of the primary when there is virtually only one candidate. Here it didn't even matter that a Democrat ran. Really, McCain had pulled out and that left Bush. Like it or not. As you can probably tell, I would have preferred a larger selection to chose from. For all those who identify with Tina now is the time to register to vote so that you can have a say in the Presidential election instead of just sitting around whining for the next four years.

Remember if you chose to be free and embrace freedom you have to accept the responsibility that goes with it. You have to participate in the government that grants you the right to be free.

Actually this is my first entry. As many of you may have noticed Tina is the technical one and set the journal up for me. I believe through these journals you will learn a lot about the differences and simularities in our personalities. I see these journals as a way to up date you on information we think could have an effect on your life. It may just make you laugh or may significantly impact how you live day to day. Yes we have articles to do that too, but I don't always have time to write an entire article - so we (Tina) created these journals for us.

Todays thought! Have you seen the new PETA ads. I think they are great. The first series is Got Beer! a testimony to how bad milk is for you. In so many ways: fat, cholestral and extra homones now. They are pushing soy milk as a substitute. MADD is a little up set. But I think it is a beautiful campaign.

The second piece of this campaign is that Jesus was a vegetarian. Can you believe the churches are mad? I don't see why. What is wrong with only eating plants? Anyway I'll research this somemore and get back to you with all the information. If you have thoughts on this, yes they can differ from mine, please feel free and submit to us. Just remember to think through any article that you send.

Tuesday, March 14, 2000

Welcome to my journal. Tina got one and it's only fair I get to journal too. Besides she's insane and I want everyone to know there is a normal side to Piece of Mind.Net.