Friday, October 27, 2000

Phil Donahue was on the morning news show yesterday talking about his support of the thrid party candidate Ralph Nader. Sadly my little world was so narrow that until I moved to New Mexico I had never heard of the Green Party.

I'm straying from the point. I miss Phil ! I grew up watching his show - which was best when done from Chicago. He was and still is so thoughtful, balanced and I guess you would say rational. All the time. It's amazing. Most talk show host today are unable to bring that balance of Freak Show and true news value into one episode. Phil spent an hour each morning teaching me about the good and the bad, everything including poligamny (If you are interested- no, I don't know them) , abortion, the value in every person, the KKK, AIDS, open marriages (no, I don't believe in them), NOW, the death penality, the difference between transvestites and transexuals and even introduced me to Henry Kisenger.

But the masses of this country used their right to change their channel - as they should be doing now - and opted for out of control freak shows like Geraldo and Jerry Springer. Shows frankly I find to have little if any socially redeeming value. Yes, the masses killed Phil. I wish they'd kill Jerry and Jenny too. Maybe Phil is planning a comeback - that would be cool! Maybe he should be the one running for office?? I'd vote for him!

He is the ideal liberal. Open minded, but not extremist. Just to be fair, not everyone loves Phil like I do. Not that I encourage you to listen or learn about the opposition, but it is here if you so chose.

Friday, October 13, 2000

The list is out; 17 are dead and five of the wounded are serious enough they may die. All from the USS Cole bombing. Then another bombing last night. We've only got 25 days unitl the election, do you think this conflict will change the outcome of the election??

A little Wag the Dog going on if you ask me.

I really like the way that Gore has gone to work on the problem and Lieberman is doing all the interviews - see there is a strategy at play here. Gore's camp is trying to show that if anything ever happened to Gore, Lieberman is strong enough to govern the county. This morning it worked. We'll see if it holds for three weeks.
Another wise move is how they are trying to show us that Gore thinks this crisis is more important than campaigning. It goes to ethics. Bush might want to pull up a chair and take notes.

Wednesday, October 04, 2000

I was poking around on the Web and look what I found. My first television award. It's from high school. 1987-88, God I'm getting old. I was what 16 then - scary!

And the most recent find - in the Dallas Business Journal. No it's not the piece on the State Fair...look further down. Not nearly as exciting, but it's always fun to see what you can find on yourself.
The debate kept me laughing all night! I couldn't believe how much Bush looked like a little kid throwing a temper tantrum. His true personality is definately starting to show.

Gore, the lesser of two evils in this campaign season, missed a few points. I e-mailed his camp about them this morning. Not that I actually expect them to read the letters but he can use all the help he can get at this point. The three big misses last night were:

1. No one brought up the fact that standardized test scores have gone down in Texas since Gov. Ann left office. That includes SAT scores!

2. Both Gore and Bush missed the military questions. It's not that we need a bigger military - we need to retrain our existing military on the weapons of the furture. Technology experts will be the driving force of war in the future, well it already is. We'll only need a handful of ground forces and we can maintain those with the existing special forces like the Rangers and the Seals. We definately need to funnel money into the military but for different reasons than what was being tossed around last night.

3. And what - no response to the comment that Gore has out spent Bush. Not from what I've seen!

Don't forget the VP debate is tomorrow night! We've got slap stick vs. the turtle. Should be interesting!

Just a bonus note. While writing this - the Bush site wasn't working:)