Sunday, April 29, 2001

I've been trying to find this cartoon that was in one of the hundreds of magazines I get at the house. With the help of Janee I figured out it is a Frank & Ernst cartoon. It's one with the two of them in a library, I believe a law library, and one says can you believe it all started with just 10 commandments - or something like that. I've found a few Frank & Ernest I really like on their Website but not the one I'm looking for. Below are a few I thought you might enjoy:

Fair v. Legal

Saturday, April 28, 2001

Found some time to actually sit down and's been weeks. My birthday was yesterday. I'm 30. Wasn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be, but noticed a little on set of depression. Sleeping alot. I think its just the build up to the big 3-0 and the other crap going on in my life. But a few of us from work went out last night and one of our programmers, John, has a hidden talent we all discovered - palm reading. He was right on the money about a bunch of my stuff:

Swithched careers at 25 (left television)
Was famous in my own little community when I was young (that has to be the televsion stent of my life)
Will obtain at least a masters (I'm going to law school this Fall)
Spend money freely (need to work on that one - he told me to wear a ring on my finger to block the flow of money - that's easy, already done)
B blood type (a bit creepy but yes B+)
Don't like long stories, just the facts (Right on!)

And then there were a few creepy things:

Going to get married in two years & be happy about it (yeah, right)
a girl then a boy (real children not dogs - who knows maybe dogs that is the order they came in but we have three??)
Failing health at 65 (bound to happen if I don't quit smoking)
Something weird with relationship and money at 42 (that's about the time Gary will be finished with school...again don't put your boyfriends through med'll kick you in the ass every time)

I was surprized that most of the people, except my boss, were shocked I believe in the powers of people's sixth scense. To me it's more tangible than god. The reading got my psyche stirred...I'm headed for the psychic Monday. I've had a hard time finding a replacement for Pansy who lead my psychic direction through highschool and college. If you didn't know, she had a stroke and retired.

I don't know if the one's I've tried since aren't any good...there just wasn't the connection that I had with Pansy.This one I'm trying on Monday comes highly recommended. I'll let you know how it goes. You know it takes a lot of trust for someone to come clean that they see a psychic on a regular I'm thrill they trusted me enough to make the recommendation. You'd be surprized, there are more of us than you might think.