Tuesday, July 17, 2001

We went to Dave & Busters last night with Gary's cousin Mike and his wife Trish. Mike is a cop in Orange, Texas. I tell you this because he carries his gun everywhere and that is what this story is about.

Dave & Busters is like an adult Chuck E Cheese - lots of violent video games, food, alcohol and kids of both the big and little variety. When we walked in there were several huge bouncers at the door. They asked Mike's wife for her identification because in reality she looks about 13. They noticed her age but didn't notice the outline of his 45 automatic under his white T-shirt. There was no way for them to know he was a cop. They should have at the very least asked what that was bulging from his waste band.

Personally, I'm much more concerned about someone entering with a gun than I am a minor drinking but everyone has their priorities. With this is the forefront of my mind, I was amazed that during the three hours we were there, none of the nearly 100 people in the arcade/restaurant noticed this guy was carrying a gun. And he wasn't hiding in a booth! He was jumping around, playing everything from pinball to the one where you are fire fighters trying to save the Mayor I'm not a big gamer - can you tell?

Not only did the security people not notice...
Nobody noticed!
Not the parents, not the kids, NOBODY!
All these people who have been through training to notice people carrying a gun....even school kids get this kind of training these days....and still nobody noticed.

This is a scary commentary on our level of awareness in our environment.