Thursday, January 24, 2002

Besides Bush weaking the Geneva convention by refusing to label the Taliban detainees prisoners of war, bulling through the electorial process by assuming office without winning the majority of the popular vote, threatening our national security by sending American slodiers into harms way without declairing war he is now on the verge of stripping away women's right to privacy.

Currently 42 states have laws limiting access to abortions, and Bush would like to take those laws much further by over turning the Supreme Court decision laid out in Roe v. Wade. Last year, in 2001, his first year in office George Jr. boldly reinstated the Global Gag rule which prevents organizations recieving funds from the US from even discussing abortion options with there clients. Isn't this evidence that George Jr. wants to force his views not only on American women but all women??

Women struggled for nearly 150 years to win the decision in Roe v. Wade which gives women the right to privacy when it comes to making decisions about our own bodies. WHile some progress is being made in the area of equality in terms of birth control with 16 states passing contraceptive equity legislation and the courts decision in Erickson v. Bartell which establishes that contraceptive coverage is gender equity - the bottom line is that its not his body were talking about its ours. Obviously this is another of his do as I say not as I do - like his don't drink and drive or do drug but with a DWI in Maine and cocaine use in his history why should we trust and further yet even listen to him??

I've written my Senator who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee - if you care about women and their rights take the time to write or call your representatives and tell them what you think. They all have email now so it's fast and easy!

Friday, January 18, 2002

Grades are in and I've survived. Not as happy as I wanted to be but not crying either. It's amazing how fast time is flying by. Is it because there is so much going on or that I'm getting old. You know when your young you haven't been around that long and so everything is in slow motion. Now with 30 years behind me everything is flying by. Which is alright except that there is still so much I would like to do and obviously not enough time to do it. And speaking of having no time, apparently they want all of the 1Ls to have a full schedule so they've made sure we are in class all day. If they would have been nice we could be out by noon but no - we start at 8 am and on Tuesday I don't even finish until 5:15 pm. That's like a real job which I was hoping not to have to do for a few more years.

Friday, January 11, 2002

Overcoming a fear of failure or rejection (are they the same thing??) I've actually sent out my application to the ITC. It's been a month since I received the nominating info back from the law school....but despite the delay, it's out of my hands now